A beautiful Valentine’s Day for your one-on-one

beautiful Valentine's Day

This February 14, for a majority of couples in France, is not a day like the others. Valentine’s Day is the appropriate occasion to prove your love to your other half. However, this feast of lovers is no longer unanimous among the French.

Too commercial a party?

According to an Ipsos poll last year, 13% of French people, although engaged in a romantic relationship, find that this party is now “old-fashioned” and “old-fashioned”. The reasons that hinder the French in their celebration of Valentine’s Day are numerous. The economic question appears to be the most essential. For 11% of French couples, the prospect of spending money on a special gift, or a meal in a fancy restaurant, is considered financially inaccessible. And that does not correspond to their vision of the couple. “It’s a globally commercial party coming from the United States” explains Hélène Frebault, relationship coach contacted by La Dépêche. This is also why 60% of French people no longer recognize themselves according to the study by

The choice of the gift, a moment of “pressure”

In 2022, the first place on the Valentine’s Day gifts podium was occupied by flowers with 27% of preferences. Perfume and jewelry complete this winning trio with 23% and 21% respectively. Absent from this final ranking, chocolates. Indeed, boxes of sweet treats are the favored gifts in the world but in France this is not the case since it represents only 12% of gifts, just like wine.

For Hélène Frebault, the choice of gift can go “from the cake mold to the sex-toy” because the most important thing during this celebration is “to listen to your partner”. Every year for many couples, Valentine’s Day can also be divisive. Choosing the right gift is a moment of “pressure” according to the relationship coach. The solution not to be mistaken?

Valentine’s Day: a question of time?

If in 2002, 54% of French people in a couple intended to celebrate Valentine’s Day, a difference according to the age of the people questioned clearly stands out. The most enthusiastic are those under 35 while older couples are less likely to get attached to the date.

“At the beginning, we are turned towards the other because we want to feed the couple, then we rest in our comfort as a couple and the efforts decrease” analyzes Hélène Frebault. For her, the objective of this party is the maintenance of the couple who too often suffers from having “remained in the background”. For old couples, the celebration is no longer quite up to date.

Singles meet

For Hélène Frebault, “the month of February for singles is a source of enormous stress because they are bombarded with the love of others”. For them, Valentine’s Day is also an important moment far from being old-fashioned so there is no question of being discouraged.

In 2022, according to the Ipsos study, 26% wanted to do something on February 14. “Love starts with self-love,” says the relationship coach. For this, 30% of singles decide to organize a restaurant or cinema outing, 18% organize a romantic dinner at home and 16% decide to give themselves a gift. You don’t have to be two to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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