Women’s blazer: how to wear it with style?

Women's blazer

A wardrobe must-have, the blazer upgrades the look in all circumstances. Discover all our fashion advice and the latest fashion trends to combine this must-have as it should.

Its reputation is well established: ultra-trendy and easy to wear , the blazer goes with everything, can be worn on any occasion and gives that je ne sais quoi of chic and elegance to our look. This season again, this true wardrobe basic is available in a host of cuts, patterns, colors and materials to meet the requirements of all fashionistas . But beware, among a bunch of hot new arrivals in our favorite fashion brands, some blazers stand out more than others. And to be at the top of the latest fall-winter 2021-2022 trends , we tell you which models to set your sights on. A clue ? There will be choices!

What colors and cuts of women’s blazers should you opt for this season?

Among the season’s must-haves, we will find the blazer in its most classic cut, with its clean lines and no big visible details. But this season, exit the curved models and too close to the body, we will prefer it a bit oversized for genderless looks as we like them, but also in a cropped version or with maxi shoulder pads .

For guaranteed flawlessness, choose it in a monochrome and timeless version: in navy, black, beige or even burgundy. For the most ambitious, we don’t hesitate to grab more pep and shimmering colors like mauve , red or even very prominent green.

In terms of patterns too, the choice will be wide. Want to appropriate a romantic look? Dare to wear a floral print blazer. Want a retro silhouette? Bet on checkered or houndstooth models.

You will also have something to vary the materials with the trendiest textures of the moment: imitation leather, here you go, but also tweed, wool, velvet and even jeans… In short, this season, blazers are not to be outdone in terms of novelties. And there will be enough to concoct resolutely canon looks.

What to wear with your blazer to stay stylish?

First, we feminize this piece with a masculine spirit . Secondly, we try to “relax” this jacket with a somewhat strict look . How ? By focusing on accessorizing. Why not start by rolling up your sleeves a little or belting out your blazer ? The key: a cooler and more effortless look.

– For an ultra-chic office wear look , we twist the blazer with an unbuttoned white shirt, which reveals the neckline. It will also be perfect mixed with a basic T-shirt or a pretty blouse . At the bottom, we put on flare jeans or mom jeans , trousers with darts or slim fit. We can also dare the midi skirt close to the body. With a pair of pumps, moccasins or even babies , you will cause a sensation!

– For a sporty chic look , dare ultra-cool pieces. With a T-shirt, a sweatshirt, and even jogging , the blazer definitely goes with everything! On the shoes side, we play the card of the total look by adopting a pair of trendy sneakers like a pair of Nike Air Jordan for example. Don’t forget to accessorize everything with a pretty bag like a pouch bag , and voila!

– For a feminine and glamorous look to wear in the evening, we dare the lingerie-style lace top slipped under an oversized blazer. With a little black dress, pumps or heeled boots, there will be enough to be as classy as sexy. !

Which women’s blazer jacket for which morphology?

Are you plump? Prefer a fluid and loose model that will simply let your curves guess. As for the lengths, forget the cropped blazers and bet on models with a few extra centimeters of fabric. If you are round, but with a marked waist, dare to belt your blazer.

If you are petite and thin , opt for shorter jackets and avoid oversized models that could weigh your figure down. On the other hand, if you are tall and thin, do not hesitate to adopt XXL models to enhance your look.

Do you have an imposing build and broad shoulders? Avoid jackets with shoulder pads that will accentuate your build and prefer a fluid and loose model.

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