Moisturizers for Men

Top 3 Moisturizers for Men in UAE

238 ViewsIn the modern world life schedule has become busier and people have barely time to take care of themselves. But it is necessary to take good of your self-care because, without good health and mind, nobody can perform their daily tasks smoothly. The skincare route is most important for both women and men as…

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Jewelry Throughout History

The Most Iconic Celebrity Jewelry Throughout History

138 ViewsJewellery has a long and rich history. Humans have been wearing jewellery for over thousands of years, and have impacted thousands of cultures. For example, jewellery in ancient Rome denoted status. Certain types of jewellery were worn depending on the rank you had within society. Since then, jewellery has always been used as a…

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Wedding jewelry

Wedding jewelry: tips for choosing the right ones

147 ViewsDo you want to know what jewelry to wear at your wedding? Depending on the style of your wedding dress, hairstyle and other accessories: discover the criteria to take into account! Wedding jewelry: tips for choosing the right ones Credits: Marie’s Weddings If we tell you a bridal look ? You automatically think wedding…

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right jewelry

How to choose the right jewelry?

129 ViewsJewels are fashion accessories that serve to highlight the beauty of women and the elegance of men. But for jewelry to fully fulfill its function, you have to know how to choose it. Indeed, the ideal jewel varies according to the person who wants to wear it. And even in a person, the ideal…

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theme party

10 ideas for your theme party

148 ViewsOrganizing a themed party is always a good idea. For a birthday party, a New Year or a party with friends, choose the theme that suits you! This will be the direction for the decoration of your room, the meal and even the costumes! We give you 10 ideas for the organization of your…

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