10 ideas for your theme party

theme party

Organizing a themed party is always a good idea. For a birthday party, a New Year or a party with friends, choose the theme that suits you! This will be the direction for the decoration of your room, the meal and even the costumes! We give you 10 ideas for the organization of your evening:

10 ideas for your theme party

1. Murder Party

This is the ideal evening if you want to play police apprentices. The Murder Party requires organization, but you are sure to make a big hit! Organize a scenario, set up the crime scene, hide the evidence… and let your guests solve the investigation. The giant cluedo is a unique animation to share with friends!

2. TV Series Evening

Who has never wanted to put on a Casa de Papel mask  ? The Scarlet Handmaid’s cloak? The medieval costumes of Jon Snow or Daenery Targaryen? With each episode of our favorite series, we like to follow the adventures of our favorite characters! Walking Dead, Peaky Blinders, Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad… All these series punctuate your TV evenings so why not your events?

3. Charleston Theme

Back in the 20s with the Charleston theme  ! During the Roaring Twenties, the party was at the rendezvous: boas, headbands, mustaches and feathers were in the game! Transform your reception room into a real cabaret. With your fringed dress or tailcoat costume, you’re bound to want to dance and party all night long.

4. Disco party

The disco evening remains a great classic but it is also because it is a timeless theme that immediately evokes the party. If you like bell legs, disco balls and Claude François, this is the ideal evening! For disguises, you have wigs, wedge heels, sequin costumes and hippie costumes.

5. Travel around the world

Take your guests away from their daily lives to an exotic destination  ! Head to Mexico, the Caribbean, the Orient, Spain, China, Egypt, India, Brazil… for a colorful and exotic evening. Make a buffet with a thousand and one flavors: fajitas, cheese naans, tapas, spring rolls, oriental pastries, lassi, Chinese nougat… As for drinks Caipirinha, Cuba Libre and Mojitos will spice up your evening!

6. Masked ball night

If you want to organize achic and baroque evening , it’s the right idea! Wigs, Venetian masks, fans, baroque music, champagne… come to light up your event. It’s up to you to adapt the theme according to your wishes: Carnival of Venice, Palace of Versailles, Belle Epoque… Take your guests to an evening worthy of a Commedia dell’arte!

7. Movie Night

Are you passionate about cinema? Roll out the red carpet, install clap boards, rhinestones and sequins. Make a decoration worthy of the Cannes Film Festival! Jedis, Stormtooper, James Bond costumes, Hogwarts uniforms are yours… Everything is allowed to imitate the cult characters from your favorite films. Watch out, it’s spinning!

8. Neon Theme

This theme remains a classic for a fun and quirky evening. Neon glasses, wigs, clothes, disguises will be reflected throughout the night. Of course, don’t forget the neon bracelets for your guests! And for more originality and fun, think about neon make-up and decoration . Turn off the lights and enjoy the party!

9. Superhero Party

Have you always wanted to be a superhero? It is now possible by organizing an evening on this theme! Put yourself in the shoes of your favorite hero: Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Spiderman… and go save the world! Embody the legendary heroes and enjoy an evening rich in twists and turns!

Whether for a party with friends, a wedding, a New Year or a birthday theme , choose the theme party that suits you!

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