The Most Iconic Celebrity Jewelry Throughout History

Jewelry Throughout History

Jewellery has a long and rich history. Humans have been wearing jewellery for over thousands of years, and have impacted thousands of cultures. For example, jewellery in ancient Rome denoted status. Certain types of jewellery were worn depending on the rank you had within society. Since then, jewellery has always been used as a way to adorn outfits. Many people obsessed with celebrity fashion have looked closely at celebrity jewellery. Some signature pieces have even made the papers, or started fashion trends. Here are some of the most iconic picks from celebrity jewellery boxes both on screen and on the red carpet- hopefully you will get some inspiration!

Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Everyone remembers Marilyn Monroe’s iconic pink dress from the ‘Diamonds Are A Girls’ Best Friend’ scene. Films and pop stars have re-produced the dress countless times. It remains one of the most iconic outfits in history. However, the pink dress would certainly not be as influential without the jewels that adorned the outfit. Reflecting the song, Marilyn wore an incredibly adorned diamond choker, with matching bracelets and vintage earrings. This jewellery reflected the style at the time during the 50s and 60s. These glittering pieces have become iconic when it comes to looking at celebrity jewellery. 

Anna May Wong in Pavement Butterfly

Anna May Wong herself has recently made the news for being the first Asian-American to be displayed on American currency. One of her first roles in Pavement Butterfly (1928) was particularly ground-breaking as she played a character which was the first Asian-American romantic lead in a film. As well as celebrating her talents and achievements, Wong was also a style icon. Flappers throughout the 1920s closely studied her outfits in order to get inspiration. One of the most iconic pieces of jewellery she wore was the stunning diamond tiara in Pavement Butterfly. The glittering headpiece was truly emblematic of headgear throughout the 1920s, and is both timeless while also being a clearly 20s piece. This tiara was one of the most stylistically influential pieces of jewellery at the time, with many people trying to emulate her style. 

Grace Kelly in High Society 

Grace Kelly’s engagement ring could be spotted by eagle eyed views of the film when it was released in 1956. However, the ring she wears in the film was her real life engagement ring! Famously gifted to her by the Prince of Monaco, the beautiful 8-carat emerald cut engagement ring was bought from Cartier. This engagement ring was incredibly famous and inspired ring styles all over the world. At the time, many women wanted an engagement ring similar to Grace Kelly’s, and even today young women are inspired by Kelly. Antique engagement rings similarly to Grace Kelly’s are constantly being looked for online and in stores. This was truly one of the most iconic pieces of celebrity jewellery in the world. 

If you’re looking for stunning jewellery inspiration, you should take note of some of these pieces – they are some of the most iconic celebrity jewellery pieces in history!

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