How to choose the right jewelry?

right jewelry

Jewels are fashion accessories that serve to highlight the beauty of women and the elegance of men. But for jewelry to fully fulfill its function, you have to know how to choose it. Indeed, the ideal jewel varies according to the person who wants to wear it. And even in a person, the ideal piece of jewelry is designated according to several criteria such as size, color, complexion and many more. You can decide to wear gemstone jewelry or costume jewelry. Man or woman, discover in this article how to choose your jewelry.

How to choose the right jewelry: case of the necklace

A well-chosen necklace highlights your bust in general and several other parts of your body depending on the chosen necklace. You must first choose a necklace in harmony with your style of dress. You must then think of a model that suits your morphology. For women with a generous chest, you can choose flat necklace models. These types of necklaces have the merit of highlighting your shape. If, on the other hand, you are a woman with a moderate chest, you can choose jewelry such as V-shaped necklaces, long chains with pendants or necklaces. They will highlight your beauty. For slender physiques, take your pick of choker necklaces.

The materials and colors of the necklace to choose from

As for the materials or gemstones to choose, you can choose between silver, gold and diamond to highlight your physique. On the other hand, a solid silver or diamond necklace would be the ideal choice for you. Silver has the ability to adapt to all styles of clothing, as well as the diamond. In addition, these collars will offer you long-lasting use; especially the diamond. When it comes to color, you will choose a color based on your preferences, the occasion and the outfit you plan to wear. That said, the diamond remains valid for any choice you intend to make.

The size of the necklace to choose

The size of the jewelry is an important criterion in the choice of your jewelry accessories , but especially at the level of the necklace. The size of the necklace you wear has a big influence on your appearance. For choker necklaces, generally count 40 cm. You should know that large size necklaces are more suitable for women with generous breasts, round faces, medium necks and large sizes. The purpose of long necklaces is to highlight the chest; so if you are not generous at this level, you should avoid them. It is the same for women who do not wish to highlight their belly. Long necklaces usually draw attention to these parts of the body.

Our diamond solitaire necklaces

Very easy to wear with a diamond ring or a pair of earrings, the diamond solitaire pendant is a jewel that has enhanced the neckline of women throughout the ages.

Our diamond necklaces

There are different styles of diamond necklaces. Set using the clos or prong technique, these models of diamond necklaces combine brilliance and discretion. Do not hesitate to add a little color by choosing to associate a precious stone!

How to choose the right jewelry: about earrings

Earrings are the jewelry accessories that have the biggest effect on the face. For women with an elongated face, you should choose dangling earrings. For people whose face resembles a square or a rectangle, the best choice remains the hoop earrings, because they have the effect of lengthening the face. The right technique for choosing ideal earrings is to take opposite earring shapes to the shape of the face to create a subdued result and not accentuate the main shape of the face. Rounded faces will therefore go well with square or rectangular earrings. On the other hand, oval-shaped faces suitably accept all types of earrings.

The size of earrings to choose

The technique used to choose the right size of earrings is completely opposite to that of choosing the right shape of earrings. If you are small in size, you will choose the small size earrings. Indeed, long earrings on a short person will only make them look smaller than they already are. For tall people, you can use large size earrings, but be careful not to overdo the size. Same story for women of average size.

The colors and the material of earrings to choose

The colors of the earrings will be chosen according to the preferences of the user, the occasion and the outfit of the day. But as for the material, you can choose costume jewelry or earrings made of precious materials. The ideal remains the choice of silver or diamond buckles, because they last a long time and do not deteriorate easily. The diamond is despite number one on all counts except the budget one. It offers perfect versatility in terms of outfits, offers the best resistance and the best visual rendering but will cost you a little more than other materials. But there are jewelers today who make earrings and other diamond jewelry within budget range.

How to choose the right jewelry: rings and bracelets

Rings and bracelets are mixed jewelry. These are jewels that fall into both the category of men’s jewelery and that of ladies’ jewellery. The ring and the bracelet give a proud look to the man and increase the majesty of the woman who wears them in her hand. For men, the choice of rings and bracelets is just as complex as for women. You should therefore pay close attention to the shapes of your hands and fingers before choosing the ideal ring or bracelet to go out. For people who have long, thin fingers, you should avoid large rings and bracelets. These are accessories for people whose fingers and hands are quite plump. The color will also be chosen according to taste, outfit and occasion.

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