Top 10 Makeup Brands In India

Makeup Brands

The skin is a very sensitive organ, regardless of whether it is the face or any other part of the body and facial skin is even more sensitive and is more prone to rashes and skin reactions since its kept open while the weather.

To take care of the skin and to cover imperfections in the skin of the face, many women rely on cosmetics. This makes it very important for them to choose the right type of product and the right brand for the product that won’t irritate their sensitive skin.

We have visited and discovered the top 10 most preferred and trusted cosmetics among Indian woman brands.

Take a peek into your beloved makeup brands and see if you haven’t given some a try yet.

1. Lakme:

A product of Unilever Brand, which is probably the greatest over generations. It is also the first makeup brand to launch a range of face and skin products for women in India. And it continues to innovate with new products launched every year.

The latest launch includes the Lakmé Absolute Range which offers Bakery Duo Chromatic Tone eye shadows to the Absolute Lip range and Lakmé Eye Tapered range. It is skin care products are also very well known! From Lakmé’ moisturizers to sunscreens and face washes, they’ve been widely adopted into daily skincare routines by many.

2. Revlon:

One of the first international brands to set foot in India, it offers a wide range of lip, nail, eye and facial cosmetics. It’s wide range of nail paints are a huge craze among makeup lovers. It’s liners and lip colors are another big favorite of women of all ages in India as well as abroad.

3. Amway:

Slowly gripping the Indian market, this makeup brand has launched a wide range of skincare, makeup and healthcare products. Amway has now launched an exclusive women’s skin care range called Attitude which is widely aired on TV these days. There is another offshoot of Amway’s lineup called Artistry. This offers exclusive cosmetic color products.

This glamorous brand not only offers cosmetics for the face and skin, but also hair care products. It is marketed worldwide and is advertised by the best known faces all around the globe. In India, he is endorsed by Aishwarya Rai Bachhan and Sonam Kapoor, abroad by Penelope Cruz, Demi Moore, etc.

4. Maybelline:

Maybelline New York, this brand has never come up with a range that wasn’t an instant hit. Their products are awesome! Right from their diamond shine or extreme Water Shine lipsticks to their impressive range of eye tattoos which have launched recently. Their Kajal and Express Colossal Volume Mascara has created quite a huge craze in the market recently.

5. Bar Color:

An easy choice among all little makeup artists, as it offers a huge range of great coverage and long staying foundations and a great range of lip colors. It is a hot favorite among women of all ages who prefer the long-lasting formulation for skin cosmetics or as a blend of primers to achieve a desired color tone.

6. Avon:

This brand originated in India and is very well known for direct marketing. This has not only provided many women with employment and part time income, but has also paved the way for the introduction of a wide variety of cosmetics and skincare products which is readily available sitting at home by the hands of direct sales agents. We also get to lay our hands on international branded perfumes via her hand like Little Black Dress, Surrealist Jardin Eau de Toilette, etc. Her instant fairness, anti-marks cream and other products from the Derma Natural range are a hot favorite among housewives. Teenagers love their simply pretty array of awesome nail colors.

This brand has always targeted young people. This brand has always animated to come up with something innovative to suit the likeness and style of school and college girls. She recently launched color bomb products that have a wide range of lip colors too. These are affordable, as well as come with a unique cocoa butter moisturizing center stick.

7. Chambor:

Chambor products have been marketed in India for quite some time now. Her nail paints are also very nice but a bit on the pricey side.

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