10 party theme ideas

party theme

A themed evening is on the horizon? You want to mark the occasion and invite many people but you don’t know how yet? You can use abirthday invitation card! And here are all our ideas for you for traditional, elegant or original and completely barjo themes!

The timeless… always a success!

Always trendy, some evening themes are unbeatable. They are synonymous with a successful evening and are not difficult to organize, whether for you and the decoration or your guests and their outfit! 10 party theme ideas

The color evening

Here, we obviously find the elegant Black & White theme, the Mono-color Evening, the Gold & Silver evening theme… These different “color” themes are perfect for a simple decoration to make and guests dressed for sure. the opportunity!

The beach or tropical evening

In any case, it is always synonymous with relaxation and warmth! From your most beautiful sarong, prepare delicious sweet cocktails – a Sex on the beach for us please – and opt for a sun, palm leaves and coconut decoration. You can even bring some sand and deckchairs for a more than successful party!

The evening theme travels back in time

Heat up the DeLorean and revisit an era during your Themed Costume Party. 20s and Charleston dress? 60s and floral bell bottoms? 80s and disco ball or futuristic theme and aluminum decoration? Here you enter the infinite world of “Epoque” themed evenings! Have fun !

Cabaret evening or masked ball

People are always ready to take out their most beautiful boa or hide behind a mask while listening to the Creole Company… Indeed, with its simple but dynamic and brilliant evocations of a thousand lights, these burlesque themes are always there to amaze us the eyes.

Slightly more original theme ideas

A little more involving for your guests, these evening themes nevertheless guarantee great festive moments!

Chic and Shock Evenings

 You have here a cradle of ideas for beautiful crazy costumes that will make you laugh. Your evening will start well before the appointed time with the search for costumes!

Back to childhood theme

For a birthday, nothing better than to remember our tender years on the benches of the school… Find old photos and dress to look like the toddler you were! And don’t worry: as Marilyn said, “Fashion goes out of style, style never!”

A “Famous Duos” Evening

The nice thing about a birthday party or a night out with friends is that you know your guests know each other and can prepare a little surprise in disguise ahead of time! Do you want to see Dupont and Dupond or Asterix and Obelix tumble? You have found your theme!

The theme “Hairy or feathered”

More evocative in the statement, this evening theme is nevertheless quite simple to do and will not fail to make your guests laugh. A small boa and a chapka and presto, voila! Unless you want to take the theme literally!

A Cinema/Video Games/Comic Book Evening

A little geeky around the edges, do you love a world of comics, movies or video games? Opt for an original theme in honor of your favorite universe! So, team Harry Potter or Scoubidou? Disney or Lucky Luke?

There you go, all we need to do is wish you a happy birthday! And don’t forget, once you have your idea for an evening in mind, you can bet on our Birthday Invitation Cards or our Customizable All Occasion Invitations to invite your guests by telling them about your great theme!

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